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I am a life-long crafter and artisan.  It started with my mother who is also an artist, crafter and entrepreneur who started me on my crafting journey at a very young age and is still one of my biggest fans.  I began making natural soy candles over 10 years ago.  I chose soy candles for their natural clean burning qualities.  My clients can purchase a candle off the shelf or, for the true candle enthusiast they may custom order a candle using my candle menu with close to three hundred fragrance choices and their preferred color. 
Handmade jewelry is my greatest passion.  I started out over 10 years ago purchasing components and gemstones and designing jewelry.  Over the years my skills evolved and I began designing and making my own components.  I've never taken a class and I am self-taught.  Because of this my style is unique, drawing influence from other artisans and the natural world around me.  The most frequent comment from new customers is that they have never seen anything quite like my jewelry.  In my jewelry business there are three things that are very important to me; elegance and function of design, quality of the materials, and a fun and informative buying experience for my clients.  To best take care of my clients jewelry needs, I often work with them on custom pieces crafted specifically for them.


All of our jewelry is handmade by me, Nienna.  I have over 30 years of crafting experience.    I create each piece of jewelry using precious and semi-precious gemstones, 14K Gold, 14K Gold-filled, Argentium Sterling silver (.935), and Copper metals.  I use Argentium Sterling silver which is 93.5% silver instead of standard Sterling silver because it is a full percent higher than standard Sterling silver which is 92.5%.  Argentium silver tarnishes much slower, finishes shinier and is stronger than traditional sterling silver.  I coil, cut, and tumble polish all the jump rings used in my jewelry.  Each piece is then tumble polished again in order to work harden the metal used and bring it to its finished shine and strength.   I use the highest quality materials available to insure that each ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, chain, anklet and pair of earrings becomes a unique piece of wearable art.  SPECIAL NOTE:  Custom orders any of the 14K Gold metals may take up to 14 days to create and ship.  Some variation of the original piece is normal due to each order being made to order.  No two pieces are exactly alike.


Our 100% natural scented soy candles are hand-mixed and packaged in-house right here in Kuna, Idaho.  We use premium soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and premium grade fragrance oils for a clean burn and an exceptionally strong, long-lasting scent.  We do not pre-melt our wax and as a result have superior hot and cold throw.  They are perfect for all households.  If you have small children or pets and you are afraid that your candle may be spilled, fear no more.  Our candles are safe.  Soy wax has a very low melting point and is about the temperature of warm bath water when in liquid form while burning.  It will not burn the skin.  Moreover, if you request your candle without dye, it will clean up completely with warm soapy water in the event of an accident.
For optimal enjoyment, we recommend that you burn your candle for at least 2-3 hours per use.  With each use, allow wax to liquefy to the edges of the jar.  This will reduce any chances of "tunneling".  If tunneling should occur, simply push the wax down evenly around the sides of the jar with a spoon once the flame is extinguished and while the wax is still warm.  Discontinue burning once the wax reaches a 1/2 inch from the bottom.  You may continue to enjoy your candle using a candle warmer until your scent is exhausted.  Candle warmers extend the life of your candle extensively.  In fact, warmers extend the life of your candle 3 to 4 times longer than burning.
Our Autumn/Fall and Winter fragrances feature a cedar crackling wood wick.  The wick is pre-cut.  Burn for at least 2 to 4 hours the first time allowing candle to pool edge to edge.  Pinch off charred ends before relighting.  For optimal burning, do not trim the wick before burning.  The wax granules will liquefy when warmed.  Should an accident occur and your candle is spilled, clean with warm soapy water.  Dawn dishwashing liquid works great.  The wax will clean up completely, however, if your candle has dye added, this may or may not be removed. 
Please enjoy your candle responsibly and keep out of reach of children and pets.  Although our candles will not burn them, a spill nevertheless is messy and no fun.

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